Counseling Requirements for Bankruptcy

Millions of Americans use bankruptcy to help them regain control of their finances after they've got in too deep. It's easier to do than many people realize until it is too late and they don't know where else to turn. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the two most commonly used types of bankruptcy available, each offering distinct requirements and obligations, but both with the same goal to help a person clear debts. It might be time to consider one of these options if you are overwhelmed by debt.

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Credit Counseling: What's it's all About?

While several requirements are in place for an individual who plans to file bankruptcy, one of the most important and often forgotten is in-debt counseling columbus ne. A matter may not go before the federal courts for bankruptcy until this counseling is completed.  This counseling course is designed to help individuals learn the cause of their debt and how they can avoid the same issues in the future.

Requirements for Credit Counseling

Most people agree that the counseling is extremely beneficial for anyone who plans to file for bankruptcy relief and protection. Keep in mind that the counseling you complete must be done within 90 days of the scheduled court date. You must also choose a counseling provider that the court has approved. This list is provided to you upon request. If you hire an attorney to assist in the bankruptcy proceedings, he'll take care of this for you.

Credit Counseling Costs: Who Pays?

Finally, you are responsible for the costs of the credit counseling courses. The fee for the classes varies from one program to the next. All of the costs of the course must be paid in full before your matter may appear before the bankruptcy courts.