How Much Homeowners Insurance Do I Need?

Orlando homeowners need insurance to protect their property against potential damages and risks that would cost them financially and otherwise.  Many homeowners are required by their HOA to purchase coverage. Even people who are not legally required to carry coverage should do so to keep themselves and family protected. Many people who need or want home insurance are left with the question ‘how much insurance do I need?”

homeowners insurance Orlando

The minimum amount of coverage a person can buy for home protection is $100,000. This coverage amount protects the vast majority of Orlando homes and property. However, most professionals recommend that homeowners purchase at least $300,000 in coverage if it is financially feasible. The added insurance coverage ensures that your home and family are protected even as you grow. If the damages incurred at your home are more than the amount of coverage in place, you are left to cover those expenses out of pocket.

Talk to a professional to learn more about homeowner’s insurance coverage and the right amount for your needs.  Every person and situation is unique and only when you talk to a professional can you ensure the right amount of coverage is in place to protect your home. Be sure to also compare costs ahead of time, since no two companies charge the same rates for their coverage. Estimates are free and you can also find insurance calculators to help.

Home insurance protects property against damages caused by acts of nature, break-in and vandalism, and an assortment of additional problems. Garages and detached structures are also often times included in the coverage. The homeowner is responsible for costs to repair or replace anything that is damaged if they are not protected by a good homeowners insurance Orlando policy.